Travel agent management is design to explore you to fundamental aspect general knowledge and roles .

These are used in reservations, tickets, timetables and fare tables.

Learning the basics of an aircraft's electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems, as well its engine and instrumentation, are all part of the syllabus.

Here student will learn how to file visa application raging from tourist visa, student visa ,employment visa to any countries of choice

This handbook describes the ramp safety rules applicable to airport ground .control aircraft and vehicle ground movements on runways and taxiways.

Hotel management involves learning management techniques that are applicable to hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, maintenance, ...

The aviation dispatcher helps to arrange for an alternate route or even another airport at which to land.

Airline and airport management is the administration of airports and airlines. It includes the activities of setting the strategy of airports to gather and provide information on airline commercial and operational priorities.

A Helicopter Landing Officer is charged with the overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of the helicopter landing area and associated .

Customer service management is how a company runs its customer service operation and enable consistently great service experiences that drive .

With GDS, you can reserve a ticket, book a room or rent a car. This is why they are known as Global Distribution System because you can reserve everything with GDS.

Airline or airport customer service involves providing support to airline/airport customers before a flight, during a flight, and after a flight.

Image result for AIRPORT EMERGENCY RESPONSE ​ Prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery are the five steps of Emergency Management.

The course gives in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of cargo airline business management strategy, skills, and development tools, and equips

This report by the Air Transport team, explains how air freight, landlocked countries need to improve operations at their airports and liberalize access

Air traffic management (ATM) is an aviation term encompassing all systems that assist aircraft to depart from an aerodrome, transit airspace,.

Aviation Transport Service (ATS) is a Charter/Leasing cargo Aircraft provider, providing specialized operational and commercial aviation

classroom course ... Financial and legal fundamentals to help you choose, draft, and negotiate an aircraft acquisition agreement.

This comprehensive training portfolio extends from general introductory aviation courses to specialized courses for senior civil aviation management,

First Aid training courses are principally concerned with bandaging and CPR but we can also provide safe, appropriate casualty care by administering medicines.

Inventory management is how you track and control your business' inventory as it is bought, manufactured, stored, and used.

Freight management is the process of overseeing and managing the delivery of goods. Any company, large or small, that deals with cargo.

The course enables experienced shipping industry professionals to succeed in management positions ashore and to apply their learning to identify and solve.

Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) is a unique, postgraduate/post-experience international program offered by one of the world's top .

Marine Electrical System — The main switchboard is considered as the distribution hub of the ship's electrical system taking power from the power .

The Port Operations Manager is responsible for the smooth transition of that cargo, so that it reaches its destination on time.

Inventory management is how you track and control your business' inventory as it is bought, manufactured, stored, and used. It governs the entire flow .

Transportation and logistics management are two closely related business units that share a common objective.

Manufacturing inventory management is the practice of keeping enough stock on hand so production lines can fulfill orders.

Procurement is the process of acquiring the goods your company needs for its business model.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics is a subject that deals with sourcing raw materials and components required by companies to manufacture their products.

Trading globally gives consumers and countries the opportunity to be exposed to goods and services not available in their own countries, or more expensive domestically.

Project quality management is the process of continually measuring the quality of all activities and taking corrective action until the desired quality is achieved.

Operations management is a field of business concerned with the administration of business practices to maximize efficiency within an organization.

Warehouse management encompasses the principles and processes involved in running the day-to-day operations of a warehouse.

Operations management is the business function responsible for designing and managing products, processes, services and supply chains.

In this article we'll dive into the three most common inventory management strategies that most manufacturers operate.

t its core, procurement logistics is the sourcing of materials needed to manufacture products. In other words, this part of the supply chain .

A shipbroker can operate in many areas of brokerage such as dry cargo, tanker chartering, ship sale and purchase and also general purpose cargo.

Explore the current issue of Maritime Policy & Management, Volume 49, Issue 2, 2022. ... Implications of Arctic shipping emissions for marine environment.

The Port Operations Manager is responsible for the smooth transition of that cargo, so that it reaches its destination on time.

Maritime geography is a collection of terms used by naval military units to loosely define three maritime regions: brown water, green water, and blue water.

Marine insurance coverage includes loss or damage caused to the shipment/cargo/ ship while is grounded, and also from untoward perils like- sinking, collision.

Logistics management is the process of strategically managing the procurement, movement and storage of materials, parts and finished .

This article shows the results of research regarding the importance and the role of human factors in quality management in production enterprises.

Freight Forwarding. Leveraging industry best practices for supply chain efficiencies. Managing a supply chain that serves multiple developing countries with .

The import compliance solution offers an array of specialized tools to assist enterprises to comply with complex trade laws and automate critical import activities.

Yacht owners and captains require well trained crew. Some certificates (such as STCW) are mandatory for everyone, others are mandatory for certain position.

Basic Safety Training (SOLAS) - Personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibilities.

Reach truck or lift truck operator training candidates can use the unique solution to learn at their own pace online, at any time.

Want to earn your CDL? Get skills & knowledge to successfully & safely operate commercial vehicles with our Truck Driver Training School program at JCC.

What does this course offer? A smarter approach to learning>> quicker success in your career! Join our comprehensive Cabin Crew and Air Hostess Online Training .

The shipping agency is often referred to as the port agency or port agent and carries out the following: Booking vessel in and out of the port, and arranging the pilot and tugboat services

A global perspective on ocean literacy & stewardship. Explore diverse marine ecosystems while studying abroad. Learn about applications of new ocean science .

Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Unit aims to improve health and safety standards and awareness in the stevedore and ship repair industries through: 1. Vessel inspections to ensure that the workplace, equipment and worker behavior is healthy and safe.

sea transportation activities like shipping, loading and unloading but also in value added.

On a maritime caterer apprenticeship course, you'll help work as a hospitality/hotel services department member on board ships and vessels.

Operations training is responsible for preparing astronaut crews for their missions, training and certifying flight controllers, as well as....

That's why we provide a comprehensive stand-up forklift training course for all levels of operators. This reach truck training provides operators with knowledge .

General crane operator training programs usually last between three weeks and three months, depending on the provider.

Learn the safe and effective operation of various sizes of Excavators. Throughout the 5 weeks of training, students will receive...

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